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Our History


A look into our history

Here’s a brief look into the history of Eastern Meat Solutions.



‘Eastern Townships’ is created and is dedicated to brokering the sale of powdered milk. Express Canadian milk would be dehydrated and then sold overseas. Eastern facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers.


Eastern Meat Solutions

The exposure to the dairy industry paves the way to dealing with the packinghouse industry across Canada. Now operating as ‘Eastern Packinghouse Brokers’, the company focuses on the vibrant and diversified meat-packing industry in Canada and the US. Eastern works with packers, processors and retailers in the brokering of product, mostly beef, between the many parties with a clear focus on customer service.



Consolidation in the meat industry creates large shifts. Eastern begins the movement away from brokering and embraces the future of principal trading. The industry and product expertise combined with strong relationships creates an opportunity to create value in the marketplace. Importation of product continues to be a growing element of our business.



Growth and expansion are the key themes as the new millennium commences. The strategy of placing remote sales people expands the footprint. The process of building enhanced infrastructure commences. Eastern continues to scale up the logistics and the CRM support team.


Eastern Meat Solutions

Eastern Meat Solutions is a newly minted name that reflects the commitment to provide value-driven solutions for our many customers. No longer considered traders or brokers our Customer Relationship Managers (CRM’s) focus on providing long lasting value rather than single-transaction opportunism. The Montreal Distribution Centre and Customer Relationship Centre are opened. This commitment to the Quebec and Montreal marketplace solidifies our standing in that market.


Sierra Custom Foods

EMS opens Sierra Custom Foods (SCFI). SCFI is committed to providing custom work in the spirit of adding value to the food-processing community. This new enterprise allowed EMS to offer a wide array of products and services to an ever-growing community.


Supply Chain

EMS consolidates much of the supply chain services under the Sierra Supply Chain Services (SSCS) banner. Supply chain management is a fundamental driver to creating value for our customers.

Message from EMS

With our strong, committed buying group. EMS is able to find competitively priced meat that best fits the needs of many organizations in a changing regulatory environment.

Mark Ishoy

Did You Know?

Father’s Day is the biggest beef-eating day of the year, with over 80 million pounds consumed.

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