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Eastern Meat Solution was founded in 1967.

Eastern Meat Solutions was founded in 1967, and since then we have been developing close, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, suppliers and clients all around the globe. We proudly work with our partners all over Canada, the United States, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Rim.

We have always stuck to the same values that EMS were founded upon: creative positive, trust-filled relationships with our customers; bringing passion, excitement and knowledge to everything that we do; and forward-thinking, innovative solutions. We have always kept our focus on delivering the highest level of satisfaction to everyone we work with, along with exceptional products.

Innovation is the heart of the company.

While we are always focused on serving our collaborators in the present moment, we are also a forward-facing, future-oriented company constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve. It is our goal to always be able to respond quickly and creatively to the ever-changing market and the dynamic needs of our clients. We hope to not only be the right solution for our customers and suppliers right now, but also in the future as we grow together with our collaborators.

Message from EMS

EMS provides an environment that encourages mutual respect, collaboration and shared knowledge all focused on doing what it takes to meet our customers unique needs. We just help each other get to where we need to be.

Brian White

Did You Know?

There are 929 different cattle breeds in the world.

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